The Northford Ice Pavilion is a triple Ice Rink facility in Northford, Connecticut. The rink offers Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Public Skating, Adult Leagues, Learn To Skate, and Toddler Skating. We also offer birthday parties. The rink is host to many ho

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Eli's legacy began in 1994 with the opening of our flagship restaurant, Eli's on Whitney, located in the heart of Hamden, Connecticut a stone's throw from Quinnipiac University. Eli's, as the original restaurant is often referred to, was named as a tribute to Hamden's most famous favorite son, Eli Whitney, the prolific inventor of among other things, the Cotton Gin and since the restaurant is located at 2392 Whitney Avenue, it was a perfect mix of a salute to the past while ushering in a new American Cuisine. From the original Eli's four more restaurants have been added to our family.

Eli's Brick Oven Pizza and Market located next door to Eli's on Whitney Avenue in Hamden (which serves equally fabulous Pizza and traditional Italian Dishes)

We are on a mission to build a better chicken sandwich. At Roost, our chicken is cooked sous vide, which is a French term which translates to under vacuum describing part of the cooking process. Our chicken comes in fresh and is then vacuum sealed and cooked in a water bath. The bath keeps the chicken cooking at a precise temperature so that we consistently produce a perfectly tender and juicy piece of chicken. From there the chicken is breaded in our gluten free Roost chicken rub and fried in soy bean oil yielding us a beautifully crafted, monumentally delicious fried chicken sandwich. Come try it trust us it's Cluckin Good.